Open box products are untested be careful


Drove 2 hours back and forth, 4 hours total, to Microcenter. To get a 250 USD 5800x3d Open Box. Looked terrible, scuffed ink or something all over the IHS, but thought hey it must work right? Surely they would test it. Nope, it's a dead CPU.

B550 board. Have latest BIOS, tried ram in every slot. Waited forever, tried literally everything. Put in my old 3600 and booted up instantly. Now i have to drive back to return it. Assuming i'm going to have to pay full price for a 5800x3d that actually works! AND i need new thermal paste. I used the last bit i had in a tube, so all in all gonna lose about 100 dollars on this attempted purchase.

What an absolute failure Microcenter.


  • Jakezzzz

    Nobody has ever mentioned a "gamble" with an open box product. Nobody had given me a warning. I have bought many used PC parts and never had a problem.

    "Open-box" means that someone opened the box maybe tested it and returned it for numerous reasons. NUMBER 1 the IHS should not look scuffed as mine did. That was my mistake to trust microcenter with it. Then they should have tested it, and then marked down in price.

    This should be more of a guarantee that it's not DOA because it's independently verified to work BY microcenter.

    Let me just quote Microcenter engineer themselves actually just to show you.

    "All products are to be tested prior to being resold and those that fail during the test are not resold."

    Fat lie by the way. So what are chances i get reimbursd

  • Ian
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    I do apologize for the issues with your open box purchase. I'd highly suggest bringing the item back in and showing it to management so we can get this corrected for you. CPUs with us regardless of being new or open box would have a 15 day return period offered.

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