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We have vacant Fry's buildings in the Phoenix area that could probably be had for a song . The reason they went out of business is because they started selling stuff not even related to electronics and stocked a bunch of water and other stuff and never restocked the electronics . I tried helping out by buying whatever I could that they had left - but was forced to buy elsewhere because they didn't have anything to purchase . I do either Newegg or Best Buy right now - but would definitely use Microcenter exclusively - if you put a store nearby . The closest store to me is in Tustin California . I don't see how you get by in those smaller cities and the ones that you are building new stores at . I mean Charlotte is really small compared to the Phoenix area . Anyways , would like to see a store here before I die ...


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    No plans at the moment, however, we do see quite a few requests for a location in Phoenix! We'll make sure our real estate team knows we're needed there!

  • Dmkke_2821
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    I’ve seen many requests from this community for Microcenter to setup locations in the Valley of the Sun. Please Microcenter give this community a reason why you haven’t answered any of their requests? No response? Have you even considered Phoenix as a potential location? We are one of the largest Tech communities in the southwest. 
  • PaulL
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    Hi! We would love to expand to all States one day! That's the dream! I will ensure to poke our real estate team about this request to ensure this is on our Radar.

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