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Creating an at-home racing sim setup can be daunting. There are a lot of parts to choose from, and you might not know exactly how you want your setup to look or feel. Thankfully, our Micro Center Champions have a wealth of experience to help you get the sim experience you really want. We’ve got five recommendations for you, including steering wheels, brakes, and wheelbases. And if you’re still not sure what is right for you, stop into your local Micro Center and speak with an associate – they’ll be more than happy to help you get behind the wheel of your dream rig.

Moza CS V2 Steering Wheel by @McMuffin719

Racing and piloting simulations at home have taken many gamers by storm. The sim space has dramatically boomed over the last two years and continues to grow still, with support for steering wheels and pedals being added to more and more games. There are popular entry-level bundles that are sold in Micro Center, like the Logitech G920 kit, and the ThrustMaster T300 RS, but we also offer individual parts for those looking to build their own custom rig.

A custom rig offers more customizability, more responsiveness, and more quality to any racing setup. Unfortunately, for a long time, building a custom rig would lock racers into expensive steering wheels that were mainly contoured for Formula and/or GT driving scenarios. It’s not ideal for those who want to drive more casually. And now, there is the CS V2 Steering Wheel by Moza Racing for this exact situation.

The CS V2 is a more standardized vehicle steering wheel that feels like the car you drive every day. It comes in a larger size that’s more in line with real cars. It is gripped with a microfiber leather material around the outside and uses lots of use of aluminum for its internal and external parts, including the brushed aluminum faceplate. It’s equipped with fast, magnetic, forged carbon fiber paddle shifters on the back for manual shifting, without the need for a clutch foot pedal, and a mix of six plastic buttons, two aluminum analog knobs, and two aluminum rotary encoders, all customizable in functionality through in-game settings. It’s a great steering wheel for anyone looking for a more traditional racing setup!

Simucube 2 Pro Sim Racing Wheel Base by @ronwoodson

Step into the captivating world of professional-grade sim racing with the Simucube 2 Pro Sim Racing Wheel Base. Celebrated by eSports pros and simulation enthusiasts, this device is your gateway to unparalleled immersion. Feel the power of 25 Nm torque as you maneuver through sharp turns and accelerate down straight paths, experiencing a level of realism that’s as thrilling as it is enthralling.

The Simucube 2 Pro is designed to provide a superior and cohesive gaming experience. Its dual CPU architecture optimizes the response time and precision, while the industrial-grade motor eliminates artifacts like torque ripple and magnetic cogging, delivering a smooth and authentic ride. Simucube’s advanced force reconstruction processing and ultra-low latency mode bring force feedback to life, making the experience feel incredibly realistic.

As you dive deeper into the realm of sim racing, you'll appreciate the Simucube 2 Pro's full-metal construction and Quick Release system for easy wheel swapping. Enjoy the precision of high-resolution angle sensors and the convenience of an intelligent passive cooling system. The device's isolated, surge-protected USB connection and a remote torque-off button add layers of safety and reliability to your gaming experience.

The Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase is more than just a piece of equipment; it's your passport to the heart-racing world of sim racing. Experience the thrill of precision, immersion, and pure excitement that the Simucube 2 Pro offers. Don't miss the chance to elevate your sim racing experience.

Moza HBP Handbrake by @BenjaminLaRocque125

The Moza HBP Handbrake is essential for any racing rigs that want to rip the e-brake. Whether it's for going uphill on a manual transmission without scooting backwards or if it's for skidding a reverse entry drift into your favorite corner, this hand brake can help you achieve your goals.

Of course, with Moza, its build quality is incredible and is fully customizable. It uses a non-contact 16-bit angle sensor, which means virtually no maintenance for its lifetime. You can adjust the rebound strength and brake travel by replacing springs. It's very easy to install with or without a full rig and comes with clamp mounts for easy setup. All you need to do is plug it in via USB.

Logitech G29 Racing Wheel P4, PS3, PC by @Lambdaben

The Logitech G29 is one of the best racing wheels for serious racing fans. The G29, designed with precision and realism in mind, provides an intense racing experience unlike any other. You'll feel every bend, bump, and slide on the track thanks to its dual-motor force feedback system, letting you fully immerse yourself in the action. The G29 has a high-quality leather-wrapped steering wheel, sensitive pedals, and paddle shifters, all of which contribute to a comfortable and authentic racing experience. The G29, which is compatible with both PC and PlayStation consoles, is ready to take your racing games to the next level. The Logitech G29 is the go-to pick for racing aficionados who want to feel the thrill of racing because of its precise and accurate controls, programmable buttons, and robust build quality, all without breaking the bank.

Moza GS V2 GT Wheel by @TreBouncee

In 2023, all sorts of tech that was once considered niche has found its way into plenty of homes. From virtual reality to sim racing, more and more folks have found themselves digging deep into advanced game tech. This leads to a device that I believe can slot into any existing sim racing setup and enhance it. The Moza GS V2 GT Wheel is an “E-sports ready, GT style racing wheel” that features a familiar design to those in the racing world and the performance to match. The button layout and options to choose on the fly all remain from the V1. The V2 makes slight improvements upon a design that was already great by changing the material of the hand grips to leather for a more premium feel. Speaking of ergonomics, the V1 implemented a sound design that emulated a real steering wheel and the V2 follows in its footsteps in that regard. One important change that the V2 has adopted is the compatibility for newer wheelbases. The R5 wheelbase is an entry-level, budget wheelbase that many believe was built to accommodate the release of the V2. This gives entry-level users the chance to truly augment their setup with this impressive wheel while not breaking the bank. I highly recommend the Moza GS V2 GT Wheel for budget and intermediate setups alike.

Want even more Racing Sim goodness? We've got an in-depth guide over here, as well as even more racing rig recs! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to post a new discussion and the Community will be happy to help!



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