Can you please open a store somewhere in the Buffalo NY or Rochester area. I am very desperate.


I live in Niagara Falls NY and I would like to see a Micro Center store open up somewhere in the region. The nearest store is over 4 hours away in Columbus Ohio which just isn't do-able for someone who wants to buy a new PC.

There are almost no electronics stores in my area that actually have things in stock and provide service.

We have a ton of college students in this region that could use a store.

I would be willing to settle for a store anywhere in the WNY region including Rochester, Buffalo, Brockport or anywhere within 2 hours of Niagara Falls so I can daytrip there. I would even be willing to settle for a store south of here in towns like Jamestown and Erie, PA though I think the Rochester or Buffalo regions would work best. Brockport is a huge college town which would bring a ton of business and is near Rochester.

The area from Buffalo to Rochester has a huge nerd and Anime culture scene and these people would love to have a Microcenter nearby. We have a ton of anime conventions and events and everyone talks about PC building at them.

The stores in my area are terrible and either have no inventory or are insanely priced vs online stores so I am stuck with ordering stuff online.

I hate to beg but I have no good options for buying a PC and again I think there are a lot of problems with shipping damage from PC's because the GPU's are very heavy these days and I don't want to deal with this. I've heard too many horror stories. It would be nice to be able to drive to a store to buy a PC, one that actually specializes in PC building and sells PC's that actually work, which Microcenter does.


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