A few questions about buying Prebuilt PCs


Hi, I was curious, if I pick out and buy a Prebuilt Desktop PC, but want to replace a part before taking it home. Would your stores allow this? For example, I buy a Prebuilt with an AIO liquid cooler but want to swap out the cooler for a different model or even an air cooler, would that be doable?

Also, do you allow for testing these PCs before taking them home? Like if I buy a Prebuilt PC, can you hook it and turn it on and test it to make sure it all works properly and the OS/Bios are set up properly? And then I can take it home? I ask because I live several hours away from my nearest Micro Center, so I'd want to be sure the PC I've purchased actually works before taking it home, instead of having to drive all the way back if I get home and something is wrong. The closest store to me is the Mayfield Heights, Ohio location.


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