Can't boot into Windows

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Ripped out most of the old tech. Currently has one of the most recent bundles (can't post links yet sorry)

ASUS Prime Z790-P Wifi
GSkill Ripjaws 2x16gb DDR5
1tb 980 Pro NVMe

Boot settings are: 

Advanced/System Agent (SA) Configuration
VMD setup menu 
Enable VMD controller: Disabled

CSM (Compatibility Support Module) 
Launch CSM: Enabled
Boot Device Control: UEFI and Legacy
Rest Legacy only

Secure Boot:
OS Type: Other OS

I booted from NVMe (after a mess of changes to bios so bios could recognize it as a bootable device), blank screen with underscore cursor, fancy blue windows logo with black background and a loading animation. Animation freezes, PC crashes. 

Had a USB Win10 bootable. Had because thinking current setup corrupted somehow. Formatted and attempting new install from microsoft, seemingly with no luck there even..
When attempting to boot from USB, ASUS logo would come on with a loading animation. Shortly thereafter, loading animation freezes and PC crashes.

No clue what's wrong or how to fix. Any ideas appreciated.

Edit: Got USB Win Stick to download properly. Started system, went into bios, force boot uefi flashdrive, ASUS logo and loading animation. Animation freezes. System crashes. 


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