Bambu A1 Printer Recall Question

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There is currently a recall on Bambu A1 printers due to a faulty cable on the heating bed.

I bought my printer through Microcenter and no longer have the box. Will the recall apply to me if I would like to return the printer, and possibly upgrade to a P1S? Can I return it to Microcenter and still receive the upgrade voucher?

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    I just reached out to Microcenter support and explained the situation. Their response was:

    "We are offering $80 off the purchase of a A1 Mini, P1, or X1 series printer if purchased same-day."

    So if you want to take advantage of the discount it's available. Unfortunately I returned my printer on Saturday and either this policy wasn't in place or it wasn't offered to me. The store manager at my local store is supposed to contact me and let me know if they will let me take advantage of this discount anyway. I'll comment here to let everyone know how that goes.

  • Jabbott
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    The manager of my local microcenter contacted me and let me know that they would honor the $80 discount for me to purchase a new Bambu lab printer. If anyone is in a similar situation where you returned your printer before this policy was in place it would probably be worth reaching out to your local Microcenter.

  • Ian
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    Looks like this has been pretty well handled and thanks for sharing your findings from our other forms of contact.

    These answers are correct for anyone who may come to this discussion thread who has a Bambu Lab A1 purchased directly from Micro Center.

    Just to add some clarity in case additional questions arise - if want to return the recalled printer, you can do so and the $80 coupon is valid directly for a different model of Bambu Lab printer. This is all handled inside the store, no appointment or anything like that needed as long as it was purchased directly with us.



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