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Welcome - Please Read Before Asking About Your PC

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Welcome to the Micro Center Community.
If you're looking to build or upgrade a PC, feel free to post questions and one of technical experts, or our savvy customers will help guide you in the right direction.
Please don't forget to include relevant info to allow us to help you quicker, such as:
  • Budget
  • The games or applications you wish to run
  • Specific compatibility requirements (e.g. monitors or other hardware)

Use the Micro Center PC Builder

Select the parts for your build using our custom PC Builder, save it then share the URL of your build with your questions. Here's how to do it.
Step 1: Pick Your PC Parts
Go through the PC Builder and select all the parts you'd like. Note that the builder has compatibility rules built into it, so you can't accidentally pair an Intel processor with an AMD motherboard, for example.

Step 2: Save Your Parts List
Save your build so when you return to Microcenter.com, you can load it back up again.

Give your parts list a name:

Step 3: Share Online
Now that you have your parts list saved, you can share it online to ask for comments.

When someone clicks on the link it will load all the parts you selected into the builder for them.

If you want to share the list of parts instead of posting a link, there are options for HTML, Markdown, BB Code and Text. This prepares a code snippet for you to copy and paste into another site. Below is an example of Markdown:

Other Micro Center Resources:

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For those of you into car racing, this tool helps you select the frame, chair, monitor stands and controls to get you set up for your next pole position.
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