Let me know if these parts seem good(photo attached) — Micro Center

Let me know if these parts seem good(photo attached)

New to pc building have seen a ton of diy videos but I need to know if anything is being bottlenecked 


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    Nothing is really being bottle-necked in your setup, the 2080 super and 3900x pair nicely, but I do have some slight adjustments I'd make.

    I would definitely update the motherboard if you're going with a 3900x: an X570 BIOS will play a litter nicer with that CPU.  DDR4-3600 is also the sweetspot for memory speed on the third-gen Ryzen CPUs, and personally for a power-hungry CPU like a 3900X, I'd want to go with a higher quality power supply that's 80+ gold certified. 

    With that in mind, I made some slight adjustments: 


    Ends up being $1,746.92 before tax, so $57 more on the base price than your configuration, but you get faster memory, slightly better board pairing and a better PSU. The only "downside" being the memory isn't RGB... but that's up to preference. And I'd personally still want to go with a higher end motherboard like an X570 ROG Strix, Aorus Ultra, or something from the ASUS Crosshair series of boards. But that's more about extra features and I like having those bells and whistles, they're not required and quite a bit more expensive. 

  • Thank you man I’m definitely going to use this build ! 
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    You're welcome, let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Just my personal experience.  I would go with Gskill Trident Z Ram sticks, if you're going to enable XMP.  Most models of Corsair ram are a crap shoot with enabling XMP on Ryzen.  And as someone already mentioned, a X570 mobo would be better in the long run.
  • thank you! I chose to go with trident Ram Z sticks!
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