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New Linux Build on Ryzen 7 3700X

I want to use Ryzen 7 3700 or 3800X on my new build.
No gaming, no overclocking, basic graphics.  Will be used for scientific computations and will run Linux. What do you suggest for:
Motherboard (ATX)
16G memory
1TB NVMe memory
Power Supply (quiet ,fanless or temperature adjusted fan speed)
Graphics Adapter with DVI for my current monitor
Small or midtower case.
Thank you, Joe

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  • JoeHJoeH
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    Hello TSTonyV.  Thank you for you comment, your expertise shines.
    If I want better performance/reliability do you have a different suggestion for RAM and NVMe?
    Is the cooler that comes with the CPU adequate, my work will be CPU intensive.  Can you recommend a better air cooler and AIO liquid cooler?


  • I wanted to buy the items, exactly as you recommended plus 1 keyboard mouse combo.  It was impossible to check out - the number of items changed, e.g. 2 or more of the same motherboard, 0 cpu.  The final price was around $2000.
    Please tell me how I can buy these items.
  • Availability is going to vary depending on your local store. You may need to wait for items to restock, or if you can tell us which store you're closest to we can check availability and find alternative options. 
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