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Open a Store in San Antonio...PLEASE

I registered just to post this.  Just finished up at the Dallas location shopping for a few parts I needed while I was in town for 24 hours.  For God's sake, PLEASE give us a Micro Center in San Antonio.  I'm tired of only being able to experience the in-store magic that is Micro Center when I happen to be in Houston, Dallas, or Denver (the three cities I travel to the most often with a Micro Center location).  My sister, of all people, introduced me to Micro Center when she lived in Chicago back between 2004-2006.

Best Buy's limited selection isn't ideal, our local\regional "tech store" chain, (Altex) is an embarrassment to the aforementioned moniker, and we simply do not have enough options for buying real tech products.  Between the Austin and San Antonio metros, the population is roughly 4.5 million people.  There's more than enough of a potential customer base and more than enough cost-effective commercial retail real estate available.  You could and SHOULD bury Altex in our region.  Their selection is crap, their prices are outrageous on 90% of the things they sell, they know it, and they do it because they have no competition.  I'm tired of their snotty, poorly trained sales people with their condescending attitudes.  If I find that our one good small local computer shop doesn't have what I need (pretty often), I have to take a sedative before heading to Altex, to get whatever it is I need, just to make sure I don't completely lose it while I'm there.

You can slap one in North San Antonio (Live Oak, Selma, Cibolo, or Schertz)  and be pretty accessible to Austinites, not to mention New Braunfels and San Marcos residents.  Hell, open one in South Austin (so it's more easily accessible to those of us in SA) if you want.  Austin has two Altex's, and a Fry's (Fry's is in North Austin close to Round Rock) but, as I stated previously, you can easily and JUSTLY bury them both.  Let's be real here, is Fry's even considered competition these days?

Seriously, I love Micro Center, I've been an IT Professional for over 20 years, and if I can't make it to Denver to fix my dad's and his various business associates' equipment (seriously, they pay to fly me up there to address their computer and networking needs when physical presence is required to do so), I send them to Micro Center because you're the only ones I trust to do anything correctly.  Ok, rant over...for now.


  • Oh, one more thing.  You're welcome.  I just did all your market research for you and I'll add that if you put one in San Antonio or South Austin, you will have the "Texas Triangle" completely covered and that's 75% of the state's population of 29 million people, the second most populated state in the U.S.
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    Hello @davis449 and welcome to the Micro Center Community!  We appreciate you going out of your way to not only post, but provide us this information.  While I'm not in charge of our real estate, I'll definitely get this forwarded over to the powers that be!  

    As for San Antonio, the first thing that came to mind is Riverwalk.  The two times I've been in the area, I've enjoyed that area and also think that'd be a nice spot for a Micro Center location in the future that could generate some decent foot traffic!  Thoughts on that area?
  • Glad to see this post was taken seriously, and also not so seriously.  The humor and legitimate commentary of my rant were take as intended.  I simply hoped to be heard as, really and truly, I am not alone in my complaint here.  My techie friends and not so techie friends (most of them are not extremely technical, but know enough to be dangerous) complain about not having a place like Micro Center to go to for their electronics and computer component/peripheral needs.
    Of course, the first thing that came to your mind is the Riverwalk.  Number one answer is usually the Alamo, naturally.  This city is FAR more than those two things.  We aren't nicknamed Military City USA for no reason.  Those that serve\served in the Air Force know, you come here for Basic, nowhere else.  ALL of the USAF comes here first.  Installations here house and train members from all four branches.  There's also a major FBI Field Office here.  Then there's the giant NSA facility (interestingly, an old Sony factory) that houses a massive cryptography and intelligence unit.  It employed 2200 people until 2007, they planned to double it when they built out the old Sony factory in 2010, and now it's employee count is classified.  You should see the IT job listings on Career Builder, Monster, Zip Recruiter, etc...there are ALWAYS gov. contractors hiring people with security clearances if that tells you anything...
    The economy here is pretty diverse and includes:
    Military - JBSA Lackland, JBSA Randolph, Ft. Sam Houston, Brooks City Base, Camp Bullis, Camp Stanley, and Brooke Army Medical (which is where you go when you're hurt in Military, it used to be Walter Reed, it's now BAMC and the campus is MASSIVE).
    Medical Research\Manufacturing - UT Health Sciences Center and Acelity (KCI)
    Engineering R&D - Southwest Research Institute
    Banking - USAA is headquartered here, so is Frost Bank, and The Capital Group has a huge facility here as well
    Oil & Gas: Valero is headquartered here as well as Tesoro
    Technology and Telecommunications - AT&T's Ops is still here (the execs\upper mgt. moved to Dallas with the relocation of their HQ from here to there), Rackspace, a significant Level3 Communications presence, Microsoft has a huge Datacenter here, and Hulu has a large office here as well
    Education - UTSA (which is HUGE and has one some of the highest rated IT educational degree plans in the nation, especially IT Security) Trinity Univ., Univ. of the Incarnate Word, and St. Mary's Univ.
    Misc. - Those who are Texans reading this know H-E-B grocery stores (huge super regional) is headquartered here.  If you're in DFW and you've seen Central Markets, that's H-E-B.
    So you asked what I think of the Riverwalk...I think it's great, for tourists.  LOL!  No, honestly, it's a great place to go for locals, too, as it has expanded far beyond what is used to be known for.  Now there's the tourist part, which is but a small section of what has now become a bike path\walking setup (on both sides of the river for much of it) that goes for miles and miles north and south of downtown through the entire Mission Trail that is surrounded by beautiful and historic scenery.  I enjoy going down there once in a while, but don't make a habit of it so it doesn't get old.  As a retail spot.  Hell no.  Just trust me, it's all about entertainment down there and that's what survives and thrives there.  If you're selling stuff down there, it better be tourism related or you will be done for.  I could go through an extensive analysis concerning Riverwalk Mall and its trials and tribulations, but I'll just let you and your company do the legwork on that if you want to waste your time coming to the same conclusion.  My assessment: not worth even looking at.  Stick to the areas I outlined in my OP or just pick a spot on Loop 1604 and just set up shop like everyone else does.

  • Crap, forgot to mention all the companies with large presences here that come along with the Military: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, among others.  They're all VERY present here.  Also forgot to mention NuStar under oil & gas.
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