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  • Hello. I bought a wonderful ASUS from you today. Love the laptop my transaction #
    The 365 subscription card has a sticker on the back you take off to reveal the product key. However, most of the number came off on the back of the sticker and it cannot be used. You folks are VERY busy and my issue can be resolved at your leisure but please contact me and tell me what I should do and when. Thanks for the great service today. 
  • IanIan admin
    edited April 23
    Greetings. We can look into this further for you but we believe it would be best if you could text/chat to us about this Office card as we do not want to put an unactivated key on a public forum - so we have opened a ticket that can be responded to so if you could please follow up with pictures to that ticket via email that would be great! Thank you! 
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