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$600 budget build

Hey I am looking to build a $600 budget build for some gaming and to learn to code. I do have a hard drive and mointors kb mouse already. Looking for something maybe that I had upgrade video card down the line to make into a better gaming pc. Thank you

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  • Hello @Shird! Welcome to the Community. 

    Do you know what kind of gaming you were planning on, and does is this budget including the cost of Windows? Is it $600 before or after taxes?

    Depending on those specifics this could be a really, really tight budget. 
  • I have windows already and before taxes i have around 700 total to spend. As far as gaming nothing crazy ill be playing at 1080 and dont mind playing on lower settings. Games like GTA5 witcher 3 
  • @Shird
    Thank you for the information. After review I have the following build listed in the provided link. With tax this does go a bit above the $700 listing, but I wanted to provide a build to show what options would be available with going over by a small portion. You could always go with some different parts or options to assist in lowering the price further such as an SSD with 250GB, but I would advise that you would need a second SSD or HDD for game storage soon after. 


    Know that if you also have any additional questions on different parts or options for your build such as additional cooling, one of our Sales Consultants in store would be happy to assist you.
  • In addition to what Bryant said, I'll throw in a good word for the GTX 1650 Super for video card choice. It's very close to the 1660 in performance but comes out a decent amount cheaper. Taking that into account and doing some other adjustments in other spots, we can get it down closer to $600:


    Note that on my build vs. Bryant's, there is a downgrade on the Power Supply, and personally speaking I'd prefer to stick with one a little more powerful and it leaves better upgrade paths in the future. I also agree that you'll probably want to consider an extra hard drive or another SSD in the future for storage capacity. 
  • Would a WD blue SN550 ssd hard drive work with this build? My friend bought it and never used it, it looks like a ram stick to me so I just wanted to make sure it would work before taking it off his hands

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