What to do if you forgot your Windows 10 Password?

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Everyone has ran into an issue with forgetting a password.  Whether it be your favorite forum community, a website to pay your bills, or Windows 10 itself, it is something we all know and dread.  So what do you do!? Well, we are going to tell, just read the steps below and you'll be back in action fast! Today we will focus on resetting the password for two types of Windows 10 account, one tied to a Microsoft account and a traditional Windows local account.

How to reset your password if linked to a Microsoft Account

Step 1
Click the link for "I forgot my password" - This will start off the process of verifying it is you trying change your password.  While this can be annoying to go through, keep in mind the road blocks it puts in front of someone trying to steal your information or log on to your account!
Step 2
Enter your Microsoft account name. This is set with an email address in most cases, so whichever you tied to your Microsoft account will need to be entered here.  Following this, there will be a "bot check", you know the test make sure you are human.  Enter the letters and numbers shown in the image to move on to more direct verification.
Step 3
Next you will have to verify by text message, phone call, or email.  Whichever you choose will then have a code sent to it that you will enter on the same page.  After this is complete, you have finally determined it you that is changing your password! Way to go!
Step 4 
The last and final step is to enter a new password.  Keep in mind that while I'm sure you would be motivated to make the password easy at this point, don't.  Why make things harder on yourself?  Because you aren't just making it harder on yourself, you are making it harder on anyone else as well.  
(Side note, this password can also be changed on Microsoft.com)


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    Reset the password for a local Windows 10 account

    Before we get into the steps for this reset, please note to answer your account security questions.  To create security questions go to the settings for the local account question.  Once in the individual account settings select "Sign-In Options" on the left side of the window and select the link "Update your security questions".  When creating these question make sure to not use answers everyone knows.  For instance, "What city were you born in?" if this is your question narrow it down more, instead of New York City say Queens etc.

    Step 1 
    Once you type in the incorrect password, Windows will display the link to reset your password.  Click this link and carry on to the next step!
    Step 2
    Next will prompt your three security questions, answer these to prove it is you trying to change your password. 
    Step 3
    Set your new password and carry on logging into and using your device to your hearts content! 

    How to tell the difference between a Microsoft account and a local account
    Backing up a tad I wanted to touch base on how to tell the difference between the these two types of accounts.  One of the easiest ways to tell is to look at the account in Windows settings.  To get here, click the image or circle with a person in it to get to the account information.   If the account is local it will say just that, "Local Account".  If the account is tied to a Microsoft account, under your name you will see an email address.  Using this trick can let you know quickly which account you have.

    What to do if you can't reset your password

    Unfortunately, if you get to the point that you cannot reset your password, the next task you will have to undertake is resetting your PC.  For steps on how to do this please check out the article found here on our community page; How to Reset/Refresh Windows 10.

    The only thing left to do after following the steps above is to enter your new password and get back to using your PC or device. Let's hope we don't meet here again! 

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