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Please Help! First Build:)

Hey all, I'm looking to build my first PC.  I have some knowledge of computers as a Comp Sci Junior in College, but definitely not enough to make my own decisions uninformed.  I am looking to use my PC to run some heavy design software, a few games (Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, etc), and lotssss of coding.  Below I have the link to the part list I am sitting at right now, and my budget is about 3k.  Any thoughts?


  • Hello @geande52, thank you for joining the Micro Center Community. I have checked the link that you sent with the build guide. For the gaming and coding part, this system should not have any issues. I can not say on the design software since this can vary depending on the software. Can you provide which ones you are looking to use with the system? 
  • Yes, I am looking to use programs like Solidworks 2019, Rhino 7, AutoCad, and Final Cut Pro.  I would be doing large assembly design and non-4k video editing.  Also, instead of the GPU I have in this build I am considering a EVGA 2080S as opposed to the 2070S.  Thoughts?
  • TSIanLTSIanL admin
    What you have picked out should work just fine for those design software programs. If you wanted to change to a 2080 Super you can do that, you would not have any sort of bottlenecking based on what you have picked out. A switch from a 2070 Super to 2080 would only really benefit gaming performance though. If you are looking into design work and editing you could also look into changing the processor to a 9900K if you wanted. 
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