PowerSpec G221 no ethernet adapter

I recently reinstalled Windows on my G221 PowerSpec desktop but now have no ethernet connection and cannot find network adapter in Device Manager (wifi working fine). I got on the chat previoustly but wasn't much help--he thought it was likely a hardware issue but ethernet was fine before reinstall. I got on PowerSpec website and downloaded driver pack Intel Network 21.1 and unzipped it to
When I open this folder, I don't see anything but a bunch of files I don't understand (33 to be exact). Also the folder says modified 3/27/2020  but all the files inside say modified 2016 (or older) so it makes no sense to me.
Are the new files in there? Did they really overwrite the old ones?
When I unzipped the Network 21.1 it also said:
The recommended order of driver installation is as follows...
1) Chipset
2) Video
3) Audio
4) Network (LAN)
+ 3 more 
but there is no prompt to install anything after that, so not sure what to do.  I also have original driver installation disc, but I don't think I can selectively install drivers from that.  I also went through all steps  here  https://thegeekpage.com/how-to-solve-network-adapter-is-missing-in-windows-10/  but to no avail.


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    Hello @crichhawk! Welcome to the Community. 

    First things first, there's some basic things we can try just to rule out some situations. Power down the system, unplug the power cord, then hold the power button down for 30 seconds. After that plug it back in and turn it back on, see if anything changes. If not, I'd also try doing a clean boot just to be safe. 

    If there isn't a setup file in the folders you extracted for the drivers, look for a .inf file inside, right click and and select install. Alternatively, go into Device Manager and click "view" up at the top, then select show hidden devices. Check if the ethernet adapter will show then, if so right click it, select update driver, then choose the browse option and navigate to the driver folder you downloaded. 

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