Need advice on my build — Micro Center

Need advice on my build

This is my build, I would like to know what do you all think, and if all the part are compatible each other.
My build:
My budget is around $1500 - $1700


  • WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH
    Microcenter's system builder is kind enough to include a compatibility feature, so it will only list items that are compatible with what you've chosen (unless you clicked the "Disable Compatibility" box).

    It's a pretty beefy rig you built there, I assume you're going to do some high-end gaming with lots of eye candy on a big/high-res monitor? I might suggest adding a 2tb HDD for back-ups and such, or storage for music, pics, vids, etc. They're inexpensive enough. What kind of usage are you looking to get out of this build? Which games do you plan to play (now or in the future)? Resolution of  your monitor?

    Noticed you didn't include Windows 10 for your OS software, or do you already own a copy and just plan to use that?
  • Hello Waffler,
    I really want to build something that will last, right now my computer is 5 years old almost 6 so I am looking to get a brand new one. I mainly play fortnite, Valorant, league of legends and modern warfare. But I mainly looking for a build that will hold any game for the next couple of 5 years xD 
  • And yes I already have a copy of Window 10

  • WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH
    Well, how important is eye candy to you? I'm talking high resolutions, multiple monitors, ray-tracing, etc. What's important to you will help determine what kind of a build you're looking for. Sounds like you play a lot of multi-player, though, right? Graphics in these games tend to take more of a backseat to low latency for smoother gameplay. If multiplayer is that important to you, I'd invest more in networking like upgrading your ISP speeds.

    Future-proofing your machine is never a bad idea, but there's a line as to when it's more than necessary. I'm still running my decade-old rig with an i5-2500K CPU on a Z68X mobo and still plays my games capably (doesn't hurt to have a GTX 970). I'm finally in the market for upgrading, though! :)
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