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Can Micro Center upgrade your PC?

Hello all
I have a full PC already that works just fine. However, I wish to upgrade it once I have the money to do so. The question is, can I bring in an already built PC (that I built myself) and have Micro Center install the parts for me instead of doing it myself? Even if the labor costs are existing (which I expect they would be), I don't actually trust myself to take out parts and put in new ones (I once broke my motherboard trying to resit the CPU). For example, say I wanted to upgrade my processor and case:
Can I bring my PC to Micro Center, buy the parts there, and ask them to install the CPU and transfer everything to the new case?
Thanks in advance 


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Hello @Phantom_SN! Welcome to the Community. 

    That's definitely something we'd be able to do. If you're replacing the case, at that point we'd essentially be reassembling a full build so the labor charges would fall under a custom build fee, which starts at $149.99. Individual part upgrades/replacements would have their own respective labor charges. 
  • @Phantom_SN - Why? You built the system and it is working. Just be careful when you undo whatever part you want to upgrade and save yourself $149.99 during these times. Don't be scared. You can do it. I was there and now I build and disassembled thousands of PC's with ease. I know its nerve wrecking but take your time. YouTube is your friend and you can watch many tech tubers do it.
  • Alright thanks I suppose. I actually had to go to Micro Center to get a new motherboard after I broke my first one which is why I don't trust myself. The upgrade I need the most is a CPU so that's why I want someone else to do it. But if you believe in me then I guess I can try to do it myself.
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