What are some general should have parts in a $1700 build for gaming and university?

I am signing up for university soon so i need a PC that is decent in terms of storage but still very good for gaming. I play games mostly on the competitive side so i will probably only be using low to medium settings although i would like to be able to run higher and support things such as vr. Since this wont be upgraded for quite some time, i would like to run a 2080 graphics card pr a 2070 at least. I'm not to sure what other corners to cut but this will be ran on a 144hz monitor 1ms 1080. Anything helps thanks for reading. 
PS. If possible list the fps average because i mostly play shooters and i would love if i could sustain a good count.


  • Tyreese
    I forgot to mention that this a similar build to what i want just trying to cut corners in the right places to make it 1700 to 1800 without hindering the important things like my fps and actual performance 
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    Build looks solid for what you're putting into it. With the 3700X and the 2080 super you're not going to have performance issues for a very long time. I would mention what I do mention here for most people. Buy some DDR4-3600Mhz, it's optimal for Zen 2.  Runs synchronous at the fclk clock. If you're asynchronous  you're going to take a 5ns hit, so you might as well have the higher frequency and slightly higher timings the DDR4-3600Mhz kits offer.
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