Computer Purchased online is not the computer I received. Mouse Damaged. — Micro Center

Computer Purchased online is not the computer I received. Mouse Damaged.

Yesterday I purchased the computer below:
In the picture it shows a full tower computer which is one of the reasons why I purchased it. When I brought it home and opened the box, I found that the computer is a half tower / form factor with the same model number. I'm rather disappointed by this and want to know if you do have a full tower model of the computer for sale like it shows in the picture. Please let me know, I may want to exchange this computer for a full tower model if possible. 

The computer also came with a broken mouse. I would like to have the mouse replaced.





  • @Dave1229 - Wait...... I smell false advertising right there. I highly recommend you go back in that same store you made the purchase and explain it to them. In the past I purchased a graphics card but when I checked the manufacturer web page, the card on the manufacturer was reported to be a dual slot card. Microcenter has it as a triple slot. Hope you have your receipt too. If I was you, next time don't be afraid to ask them to open the box in store so you can see what you are getting. I got burned the last time and from now on If I have any doubt, I ask the employee to open the box so I can see with my own eyes. I am not sure if whoever posted that listing made a mistake but just some words of wisdom. I hope they can correct it too because I would have been pissed that the picture was misleading.
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