PowerSpec G706 has no LAN connection

I purchased the PowerSpec G706 gaming desktop computer about a week ago, and immediately noticed it wasn't recognizing my wired, LAN connection.  I do have WiFi (though it's bad) so I just went with that while I got the computer up and running and planed to investigate the issue later once I was all set.  After a few frustrating days of having to reset my modem because of the crappy WiFi I started looking into the issue, and it appears I have no Ethernet connection at all.  Under the network connections I see a disabled BlueTooth connection, and an active WiFi connection, but that's it.  The Ethernet connection isn't even listed, let alone there and diabled.  There is no drivers in the Device Drivers section of windows.  When I attempt to set up a new network connection manually, I get the message "Windows did not detect any networking hardware."  Lastly, I went to the manufacturers website for the motherboard, and downloaded the Intel(R) network drivers to try and install them, and it gives me the message "Cannot install drivers.  No Intel(R) adapters are present in this computer."  The website does advertise that this computer comes with a LAN connection, but everything I can see points to this specific one not having it.  I'm hoping the computer I got is just faulty, and I can exchange it or the motherboard for a new one, but every time I call my store and get on hold, I get hung up on so I'm reaching out here.


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