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Powerspec G706 High CPU Temperatures

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I just purchased a new G706 and have run into a issue. I am seeing very high CPU temperatures on this system that do not seem to match the performance that other people are saying they see. While loading Call of Duty warzone I saw a sustained temp of 91 c and then 95c with Thermal throttling while actually playing the game. I have tried increasing the fan speeds from default to performance mode and that did little to address the issue. Has anyone else had these problems? Is this an issue with the CPU being to much for the cooler? The Cooler not being installed properly? Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I forgot to add that I'm getting these temps from Ryzen Master and HWiNFO64.


  • Just an update on this in case anyone else runs into the issue. I took the case back to and did an exchange for the same unit. I'm now seeing no temps over 70c so there was something wrong with the way my unit was put together.
  • Welcome to the forum @JollyGreenBoiler, my apologies for our late response. I am happy to hear the exchange unit is working much better. Based on your original description, it sounds like air may have been trapped in the CPU pump/block on the AIO which is pretty common with closed loop water coolers. Often times, you'll notice that the tubing itself is not getting warm, yet the pump/block is very warm to the touch. This means air is trapped in the block and is preventing the pump from moving the liquid around, or is severely hindering the flow rate in general. The solution to this is to remove the radiator from the chassis, sit the chassis down on its side, then hold the radiator above the pump with the tubes completely straight. This will help get the liquid out of the radiator and into the pump. It can be a little tedious, but it's definitely something to keep in mind when using closed loops, especially if you travel with your system.

    Another potential issue would be the application of thermal paste, though it's less common of an issue on these coolers as the paste comes pre-applied in a silkscreen sheet. 

    If you have any issues with your system or have any questions in general, let us know!
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