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Hello - I have two screens set up for my laptop (details below) and would like to add a third screen. I'm very new at this, so a lot of trial and error just for the two monitors, but i got it to work . The third one...I think I'm there...but not would deeply appreciate any advice. I will be using this for productivity purposes, not for gaming, as long as my spreadsheets and programs run fine, I'm good.
I have an ASUS E6951_B laptop (definitely a few years old), and it has a NVIDIA GEForce 760M graphics card. I'm also using the Toshiba Dynadock station. Currently, I have one monitor connected directly to the laptop via the VGA port, and another connects to the Dynadock via the DVI port. I have an HDMI port that I think I should be able to use for a third monitor. Googling "GEFORCE 760M 3 monitors" did not produce anything that I could I'm not sure if it can support 3 monitors ( there's only two outlets on my likely it won't). I do plan to purchase 3 new monitors (e.g. P2419H, and I plan on putting them on a mount). What do I need to set up 3 monitors given the info I provided below. Would deeply appreciate the help. Thanks!


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    Couldn't find any specification regarding multiple monitors on the 760M. The desktop version does support 3 monitors. Looks like the Dynastation is rated for 2 monitors up to 2048x1152. Assuming its' the USB 3.0 version. I'd try the laptop first, but if not, you should be able to do the VGA from your laptop and DVI/HDMI from the dock.
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    Thanks TSMikeW - so looks like my existing infrastructure might work. I'll try it with a third monitor, and see how it goes..... :)
  • compNewB
    I got it to work!!! Using a temporary set of screens right now, but I do plan to upgrade all 3 screens. Would you recommend any, specifically for office productivity, and a 3 screen monitor stand?
    I was thinking about dell: for the monitors, haven't researched a good stand yet. Thanks!

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    Depending on your price range for the monitors, there a lot of good options available at many different price points.  That said, Dell is known for making high-quality monitors, so I don't think you could go wrong with that option. 

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