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What motherboard would best suit my first "potential" build? USB 3.1 benefits?

This is a link to the parts that were available for in-store. I was informed on reddit that the motherboard I chose didn't have a 20 pin header (chose this one due to availability). And after looking at a spreadsheet someone shared with me, I noticed all the motherboards I looked into didn't have a 20 pin header either. Does anyone know a good option that would run well with the other parts I picked? Or, if you think an adaptor would be a suitable fix? This is my first build and I don't know if not having the USB 3.1 would cause complications or even limit certain abilities. Thanks.

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  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Based on the pictures, and on ASUS specs for this motherboard, it should actually have two USB 3.1 Gen 1 headers. Are you referring the smaller connector used frequently for USB-C front panel cables?
  • Yes I believe so. This is the feedback I received which brought it to my concern. I guess just want to know whats this limits. Thanks for the response.
  • bconnbconn
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    TSTonyV said:
    Okay, they're referring to this connector:

    This is a connector used specifically for the front panel USB-C connection, and the motherboard you chose doesn't have this specific connector. The only thing this will affect is that USB-C port on the top of the case. The other front panel connectors for the power button, USB Type-A and audio jack will all be able to plug into the motherboard you selected on that build. So if you don't have any use for a USB-C port, then it's not a big concern. 

    The closest priced board to the ASUS X570-P I found with the USB-C front panel header is the X570 Aorus Elite, with the next one up being the X570-Pro Prime.
    Thank you once again for getting back. I did further research and with your response included, I fully understand the concept of the different connectors. I also noticed I would have WiFi issues so I had to include that as well. After comparing a bunch of different options, I went with the ASUS X570 TUFF Gaming Plus (Wifi) just under $200. I honestly didn't see your suggestions in time as my first parts list ran out of stock and with all the up-charges and backorders on parts online, I purchased due to fear of loss. Hopefully I didn't make a rookie mistake.
    *EDIT: HAHAHA So with the motherboard I chose, I wont be able to use the USB C header on the case. (Back to my original problem) However I'm probably going to get an adaptor or live with it. Thank you again for the help.
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Of course! Always happy to be of assistance. The TUF Gaming Plus is a good motherboard overall and I think you'll be happy with it, minus the lack of USB-C header
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