New PC Build from MC. 1 tb HDD not showing up or registering

I had a PC custom built at Micro Center and I have just brought it home. I boot it up to check everything and I only have my 500Gb SSD showing up as a storage option. I have tried Windows Memory Diagnostics and Disk Management but it still isn't showing. Please Help!


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    Hello @RomanH! Welcome to the Community. 

    First things first, double check that you have both the power and data cables plugged into the hard drive. 

    If your SSD is an M.2 drive, try switching the SATA cable to a different SATA port on your motherboard. When M.2 drives are installed most motherboards will disable one or two of the SATA ports automatically. 

    If you go through those and it all checks out, the next thing you'll want to try is Diskpart. We have an article going over how to use Diskpart in depth here:

    The main thing you'll want to do is list disk. In Windows, open up command prompt, then type diskpart and hit enter. You'll get an admin prompt, click yes on that then you'll be in a diskpart window. Once you're in diskpart, type list disk and it will list any drives that are connected to the system. If one of them matches up with your hard drive, then that means your computer is detecting it.

    Assuming there's no data on it, you'll want to select the disk and then clean it, then reformat it. Refer to the sections under Clean a Drive and Formatting for in the link above for that process. 
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