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I need help building

So this is going to be my first custom parts pc but if i have it built at micro center do the parts have to be from micro center or can i bring parts that i got off of amazon and have them build it there?
There is my parts is this a good list for parts? the graphics card that i might get is a gtx 1070 founders edition, or a gtx 1070 dual. both are 8 gigs which one should i get?


  • Hello @NothingSpexial, welcome to the Micro Center Community!  

    Yes, we can do the build for you if you bought all the parts from another vendor.  Just keep in mind that any return/warranties would need to go through Amazon and their manufacturer.  

    Based off your parts list, everything looks good!  The only thing I would be worried about is the B450 not having a Bios that supports 3rd Gen Ryzen.  If you have us build this, we can definitely do a bios update.  I do see a lack of Windows 10 License, if the case you forgot that you may need one.

    I am personally a bigger fan of the 1070 Dual Fan over the Blower-style 1070 Founder Edition as I have never been a fan of Blower-style cards due to how hot they can get.  
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