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Do copies of manuals for components come with PowerSpec models?

I am considering purchasing the Powerspec G434 (Intel i7) or G464 (AMD Ryzen 3900x).  This will be the first prebuilt desktop I've purchased since the mid-1990's - I usually build my own PCs, but have decided against that this time around, mainly because the price advantage of building does not seem to outweigh the effort right now. 

My question:  Do the Powerspec models purchased at MicroCenter come with hardcopy manuals for each of the notable components (Motherboard, Graphics Card, Case, etc.)?  Having a copy of the manual for the motherboard and case would come in handy if I decided to buy additional parts for the Powerspec and wanted to install them right away.


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  • Thanks for your comment.  I went ahead and purchased an open box version of the PowerSpec G464.  I have a couple of questions related to the Lian Li ATX 205 case:

    - I am considering adding a 2.5 inch Internal SATA SSD from my old PC to my new PowerSpec.  It looks like the hard drive area is along the bottom of the case and seems to have different pieces that need to be removed compared to the rest of the case.  Do you have any steps as to how to access this area, mount the Hard Drive, and connect it to the power supply? 
    - Also, I posted a question elsewhere about an area of the back of the case that looks like it may be a space for an additional fan.  The question is: on the back side of the PC (next to the ports) there is a rectangular slotted area that looks like it's meant for ventilation. Is an internal fan supposed to be mounted to that area from the inside (I actually purchased a Cooler Master Sickle Flow 120mm fan for this purpose, just in case...).

    Thanks - any help you can provide would be appreciated!
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