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"PC Did Not Start Properly" Issue

When turning on my PC, it loads and then says that the PC did not start correctly. It then asks me to either restart the PC or go into advanced options. However, none of these actually work, as they either take me back to the original screen or it says that there was a problem and that the option that was selected isn't available or does not work. 

The PC worked last night and I've never had this specific problem before. 


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
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    Hello @ewarner37. It's most likely some type of Windows corruption, but if none of the recovery options are working, then you will have to either attempt to repair your installation with recovery media or do a clean install. 

    If you have access to another Windows system, you'll want to make a Windows 10 installation drive, then boot from it. On the installation screen you should have an option to try repairing your computer. 

    If the repair doesn't work, then you'll need to do a clean install of Windows 10. Just keep in mind if you have to do a clean install, that will erase everything on the system so if there's data you don't have backed up that you need to keep, I'd advise bringing it to our repair desk for a data backup/recovery. 
  • Because I don't have access to another Windows System, would the next option be to just bring it in? 
  • Yes, that would probably be my next recommendation. We can take a look at what's going on and see what options we have for fixing it. 
  • I have the same exactly problem above, so my son's did not start correctly, trying to do the both options but it doesn't work ,please for your advice....Thanks
  • Tony's advise was good here. You'll need to create media from another system to be able to boot from then from there try to repair the OS. Let us know where you're getting stuck on either side of this process. I would start your own thread and we'll see what we can do to help you out.
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