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Optiplex 3010 PSU upgrade

I recently bought a PSU from someone and though it fit the form of the PC these connectors didn't. My old shorted out PSU had the 4 pin but this newer one has 6 and is not turning on the PC when connected. This could be a problem with the PSU I bought from the guy, but I honestly just want to buy one that fits this one, instead of constantly trying to find adapters, just to find out the PSU didn't work from the jump.


  • The connector you're looking at is PCIe power. That's for a video card. There should be another cable labeled CPU, it'll be a 4+4 pin.
  • what would be a good 4-500W PSU to buy for motherboards that take 4?
  • Just to confirm, your power supply should have a 4+4 connector which will work in the 4 pin header. The purpose behind a 4+4 is that it can be split so you can use just one of the 4 pin connectors, or you may keep them together to power a 8 pin connector on future motherboards. Many power supplies opt for a 4+4 connector to keep compatibility between motherboard types. Were you able to find the 4+4 it may be together as a single 8 pin.
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