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PC won't load any games

My PC randomly stopped loading games. It will go to the menu of a game but as soon as I loaf into a game it crashes. Sometimes the whole computer restarts and other times just the game crashes. Help? 
Rx 5700xt red devil
Ryzen 7 3800x 
Msi x570 gaming edge wifi 
Corsair 850


  • Most likely you're having a graphics driver related issue. 

    Run the AMD Cleanup Utility to do a clean uninstall of your graphics drivers, then redownload and reinstall them. Disable hardware acceleration in other programs you have running the background, e.g. Google Chrome, Discord, Spotify. 

  • I have already done this and it didnt work 
  • Paulbert said:
    I have already done this and it didnt work 
    Can you recall when this started happening? Do you know of any recent Windows updates, driver installations or software downloads that coincide with your games not loading/system crashing? I would recommend attempting a System Restore just to see if that has any effect on the crashing: https://www.microcenter.com/tech_center/article/9025/how-to-run-a-system-restore-in-windows-10.

    I would also recommend disabling any overclocks you have. This includes any CPU or GPU overclocks as well as any memory overclocking (manual, XMP, DOCP, etc).

    Should that fail, you may want to backup your data and reinstall your Windows OS. If the crashing persists after that, we are definitely dealing with a hardware issue from that point, and will likely need to bring it in for further diagnostics.
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