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Ryzen 5 3400g/ Asus prime b450m bundle should I return it?

I don’t know why I was sold a bundle like this but since mine does not have that orange “3000 ready” sticker should I return it?  I live an hour away and I’m brand new to the pc building community . Please help me I purchased this at the beginning of June . Did the orange sticker fall off or was I just sold the wrong bundle ?


  • Welcome to the forum, @Melo. The ASUS B450M-A/CSM supported the Ryzen 5 3400G on BIOS version 1201, which was released on May 10, 2019. While not impossible, I find it extremely unlikely that one of our stores had a board on the shelf for over 1 year without it being updated. Did you run into a no-POST issue while assembling the system? Or are you checking out of precaution before building? 

    You are more than welcome to bring the board back to the store for an exchange as I am confident our sales team will take care in making sure you have compatible hardware. If you want to attempt the build now to see if it works, we are here for you should you have any questions or issues.
  • thank you for your answer! I have not even took the processor or the motherboard out of the box because my case comes in on Monday. And I’m hoping that they manufactured some updated motherboards with out that orange sticker. I would have to drive back an hour to fix the situation but I think I’ll just try my luck and if it doesn’t work there are many videos on how to do the bios thing . Another question I bought the wd black sn750 500gb m2 this motherboard should support that correct ? Sorry for the “noobness” new learner here thank you for your time! Oh maybe I can check the serial number on the motherboard box to see if it’s the updated one 
  • When the 3000 series originally came out, we actively updated the BIOS on the 400-series boards we had in stock to make sure they were compatible, so even if it doesn't have the label it's pretty likely it's compatible. While it's not impossible, I'm going to agree with Mike and say that I'd be extremely surprised if we had a 400-series board in stock that did not have the proper BIOS update. 

    The SSD you chose will work just fine in this motherboard. It has one PCIe M.2 slot available. 
  • And as always you guys came through and helped me with my questions I appreciate it guys 
  • Of course! Always happy to be of assistance. Let us know if you have any other questions!
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