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Gaming PC (Budget: $900-$1000)

Hi! I've saved up for some time now and would like to build my first gaming PC. But, I don't exactly know what parts to choose, so I'm hoping someone could help me out! I have a budget of $900-1000 (just the PC budget and not including the monitor, keyboard, and mouse) and play mostly fps games like Siege, Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, CSGO, etc. I also want to start streaming, so maybe a good video card would be nice. If someone could also point out some good monitors, that'd be incredibly helpful too! I heard the Ryzen 3600 was a good cpu, so I was thinking of starting with that? Sorry, if I'm asking too much...I don't want to buy the wrong things and I'm new to everything. Thank you in advanced! :)


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