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Refurbished 65" TV - first time plugin, 30% of the screen is dead!

Hello, a couple weeks ago I got one of those TCL 6 series 65" screens, and I just got around to trying it out yesterday. To my surprise and dismay, while the physical screen looked undamaged, it was clearly dropped during the refurbishing/restocking process at some point. The Microcenter return policy doesn't say much about refurbished units like this, so I'd love some clarity before I try to head in for a return:
  1. The "original packaging" was a nondescript, blank cardboard box that had to be cut open to get the TV out safely. Do I need to return the TV in that box taped-up? How best should I do that?
  2. For the same reason, the materials for the TV/stand cannot be put back into the original baggies they were in. Should I take apart the stand and place the screws in a ziplock bag or something?
  3. If there are no more of the 65" TCL series 6 units available at my location, are there any other options other than just getting a refund for this minor league pain in the ass?
Thanks so much!


  • We do apologize for the trouble with the new product and I'm sure we can get it exchanged for you. We'll have to work with a manager and see what we can do if there are no other units available to exchange it for you. I'm going to open a support ticket and contact you via email for your receipt information and we'll proceed from there.
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