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Can I use any PSU??

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I am thinking of getting asrock atx motherboard (b450 pro4) with a AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and a GRx 1660 Super. I’m new to building Pcs so i’m gonna post more questions.


  • Well you could start by googling roughly the average power draw for the GPU and CPU when under a medium to heavy strain. But for this build I'd guess a 650 W PSU to 750 W would be fine. I've found its best to go safe with a little more power draw than less with a pricy gaming rig.(I spent 5 years ploting my rig which if you like you can probably see in my community profile. XD.) Plus a PSU head room can give you the option to upgrade your GPU at will if you want to. 
  • To add to what @BubbleMax said, a 650W PSU would be plenty for this kind of rig. Even a 500W would be perfectly fine. 

    Personally, I'd recommend going with a power supply that's at least 80+ Bronze certified as that'll give you a good baseline for efficiency without being too pricey. If you're thinking really long term, a high-quality 80+ Gold like an EVGA Supernova or Seasonic Focus PSU should last you a very long time. 
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