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Installing the latest RetroPie image with the Atari Games Card

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A new Atari game image for our Atari Games SD card and Atari Raspberry Pi Kit went live this week, so those of you who have already built a system with our card can now install the new image. This particular image adds about 30 new games, including several from the Atari 5200 library. As future updates become available they can be installed using the same method. This process can also be used to reinstall the image if you need to reset all your settings or the image becomes corrupt.

Power down your arcade and plug in a keyboard and mouse. Turn the arcade back on and hold shift when this screen appears:

After the system initializes into recovery mode, you’ll see a list of available images like the one below:

Select the image you would like to install and click “Install”. You’ll get a warning about overwriting existing OSs. Select Yes and the installation will begin.

You’ll see the installation window next, which will download and install the new image. This can take a bit of time, especially if you have a slower internet connection.

Once the installation is complete click the OK button. The system will automatically boot to Emulation Station and you’ll be greeted by a new category for Atari 5200.

Installing the new image took me about 15 minutes. Downloading the new image is the most time consuming part, so the total time can vary depending on the speed of your internet connection.


  • I just purchased the Atari Raspberry Pi kit at Micro Center tonight and when I boot up using the provided SD card it boots directly to a default Pi Debian UI, no Atari logo or any other prompts to install the gaming image. Not sure if I messed it up by plugging in an ethernet cable when I first booted it up along with a USB keyboard/mouse or what, but I cannot get it to do the "reset" as mentioned by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard either. I have tried all different combos of booting this and every time it just ends up in the Windows like UI with no apps installed that indicate anything about loading this gaming image. What am I missing?
  • @b5lurker I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your card. You can contact our customer service team here or in store and they'll get you a new card. 
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