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So, on Saturday 7/25 I purchased a 65 LG TV. The person helping me out tried to go over a curb and the tv went off the dolly and hit the concrete. The person helping me he caught it before it could hit at full force. Now on 7/28, I am installing the TV and the corner of this TV is absolutely shattered and the TV is unusable. As I was unboxing I did cut the box at the corners as to make sure it would fit in  my dumpster, but I still have the parts of the box. I have texted the number for the Houston store but I was told I would get a call from a manager at 12:30pm and it is currently 6:15pm. I fully understand that COVID has made things difficult, that's why I'm here, just trying all my options. I just want an exchange. 


  • Hello @Jsmith330! Welcome to the Community. 

    If the unit was damaged during shipping or because of something we did with it, then we can still exchange it. It can take a day or two for managers to reach out at times simply because of how busy things are and how many requests we get, but I there shouldn't be any problems with exchanging the unit after what happened. 
  • Is the box necessary? Like I said I did cut it at the corners. 
  • Jsmith330 said:
    Is the box necessary? Like I said I did cut it at the corners. 
    Not really. We prefer if original packaging is brought in but I don't think it really matters in this case since the TV is broken anyway. Just bring whatever came with the TV at least, you can bring the box if you want. 
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