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Why does new build shut down randomly while idle?

Micro Center Mayfield OH built this machine, loaded all software, stress tested it.   i5 10 gen., RTX2070 Super, MSI Z490 mb, Corsair RM850, 16GB G Skill, Corsair ICUE RGB Pro Cooler. Western SSD 1TB
Build is about a month old.  Had shutdowns after couple weeks.  Tech had me turn off all start up items except Microsoft and Malware.  I have turned a couple system start ups on, ICUE, Punkbusters, AWCC.  Seemed to be ok for awhile but now I see if I leave system on for several hours it will shut down.  All sleep an hibernation modes are off.  Never seems hot, low 80s.  I don't want to return it, out of town and serious downtime.  Any good ideas where to look?  Disappointing  
Thanks Chuck

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    If it's a hardware related problem the warranty would cover any of those issues. If it turns out to be software related technically the warranty doesn't cover that, however the service desk may still be willing to work with you on it. I can get a message to our service desk to have them reach out and discuss this with you. If you'd like me to do so, let me know and I'll send you an email follow-up to get the information I need. 


  • When you say it never seems hot and is hitting low 80s, is that when the system is under load, or is that when it's idling? If it's just idling at 80 degrees, that is WAY too hot. 

    When you get these shutdowns, do you get any kind of error message or blue screen when it happens? Does it seem to happen more often when you're doing one particular thing, or does it feel completely and totally random?
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    This machine always runs around low to mid 80s Fahrenheit.  I was told that is pretty normal.  Idle I mean, web page up, security cameras on, mail app. open.   I have 3 fans, plus the 2 fans on the cooler.   Maybe you thought I mean Celsius. 
    No error, just shut down.  If on boot up, if it didn't show the generic windows splash screen, you wouldn't know it crashed/ shut down.  Right now it just is random and not while I'm using machine, which is better than couple weeks ago.  Then it would shut down while using it.
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    Correct, I was assuming you meant Celsius because most temperature monitoring software measures in Celsius. 

    What I would probably do is try running the system in Safe Mode and see if the shutdown occurs then. If it doesn't, then that would indicate there's some type of driver or piece of software that's causing it to shut down when Windows is in normal mode. In which case I would do what's called a clean boot  and then reinstall your motherboard and GPU drivers. 

    Have you checked event viewer to see if there's a common error message that corresponds to the shutdowns?

  • It just now crashed, first time today.  I walked away came back and pc off.   It's been on since early morning.  I did open corsair app. and checked the temperature.  I have 2 corsair services running maybe it's Corsair  I could turn it off again in systems start up?   Im going to look at event viewer but it never helps me.  Tech told me last time that the warnings in log didn't mean anything.
  • I really don't want to run this think in safe mode all day.   I'm going to look at windows system log now.

  • 4- 1016 DCOM's, Windows Defender update at 1:06 pm.  Not sure if that was right after I booted up or not.
  • info....system start drivers did not load......error The Corsair Gaming Audio Config service failed to start due to the following error:   The system cannot find the file specified
    Whole bunch of stuff, to bad we can't use team viewer or something to figure it out.  
  • You can still do a clean boot and reinstall your drivers even if you don't run it in safe mode, I think that would be a good starting point. 

    have you checked the temperature with any other software? You can use CoreTemp or the Intel Extreme Tuning utility. I would do that just to make sure they match the readings of your Corsair software if you haven't. 
  • I'll do clean boot again.   All I have is Corsair and Punkbuster. in system startup and nothing in task mgr. startup.  I can do that, wondering if it's that Corsair.  I really don't want to do all the searching and finding right drivers for everything in this machine.  That's why I paid extra to have it done.  Irritating.  If I can't narrow it down with doing clean boot again, can't a tech look at my machine online instead of me driving out of town and leaving it?   It's barely a month old, all good components and lot of money.  ugh
  • Oh and yes, I did look at temp through another app.  I don't think it's heat. 
  • We do offer 90 days of free phone-support after purchasing something from us. We can do remote logins if you call us. 

    All your motherboard drivers can be downloaded from MSI's website here:


    And the latest driver for your GPU can be downloaded here:


    Those are really the important ones. You don't need to go hunting for mouse, keyboard, and other drivers like that.

    If I were in your position, to be honest I'd probably just reset/reinstall Windows to rule out any software possibilities from the beginning, but I can understand why you might not want to do that. 
  • I will call again.  Last time they didn't want to bother is seems.  Said do the clean boot and if that didn't work to bring it in.  No I do not want to do reinstall anything I would bring it back first.  These problems should have been caught before I took it home.   They built it, loaded everything and stress tested it in a day.... 
  • Other thing is I had to have a tech come an load my security system on the new system.  I don't want to call him back either.  
  • It's entirely possible these problems were caused by something that happened to the system after you brought it back. A bad Windows update can cause all sorts of issues, a defective device attached to the system, a bad power outlet, there's all sorts of things that can potentially cause problems on a computer. 

    I think reinstalling the drivers and a clean boot are the first best steps, then testing to see if the issue persists. If that doesn't fix it, safe mode to determine if it's software related. If it happens in Safe Mode as well, it's either a hardware issue or something is corrupted within Windows itself that would require a reset/refresh. Otherwise, your best option is to bring it back to our service desk for evaluation. 
  • I haven't brought it back yet, just tech service over phone couple weeks ago.  Thanks for trying to help.  I turned off Corsair and Punkbuster, that's all that is left in system startup except for Microsoft and Malware, and see what happens.   I paid for extended warranty but I bet somehow this is going to be aggravating and probably cost me something.   bummer
  • Sure this has been an issue since I brought it home.   I will look for your email.  thanks
  • Chas said:
    Sure this has been an issue since I brought it home.   I will look for your email.  thanks
    Sent you that email! Just respond whenever you get the chance, no rush. 
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