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Power Spec G317 Freezing When Rendering Videos

Computer will freeze when rendering video - does this with Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum and with Davinci Resolve 16 and with Blu-Ray authoring software - only freezes when rendering - all other functions work fine - have tried scaling back CPU usage on affinity settings - have tried to install new drivers for the GPU - freezing still happens - appears to be random as to when it occurs in the rendering process - sometimes at the beginning - sometimes in the middle - sometimes at the end - happens on renders that take longer than a few minutes.


  • When the freezes occur, does your computer completely stop working and force you to restart or crash? Or does it just stop temporarily, then resume?
  • The screen is frozen indefinitely - nothing works or responds - control/alt/delete or escape does not work - only thing I can do is a forced shutdown by holding down the power button.
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    If it's only happening during one specific application I would usually assume some sort of driver or software issue. Have you tried reinstalling your motherboard drives as well? That's the first thing I would check. 

    It's possible that you could be overheating. Have you tried monitoring your CPU temperatures while rendering? If not, try a render and check your temps. If you're pushing into the 90 degree range or higher, then it could be a thermal issue. It's also possible that it's RAM related. In your BIOS if you have XMP enabled try disabling it and trying a render after that. 
  • Thanks - I will give all that a try.
  • I'm not clear here on if the system is freezing or your GPU is. Next time this happens, press "Shift" rapidly for sticky keys. See if you hear a 'ding' from your speakers. Also, check event viewer logs under Administrative Events at the time stamp of the incident, lets see if there's anything significant being recorded.
  • Good to know - we'll give it a try as well.
  • AlexSAlexS admin
    Good to know - we'll give it a try as well.
    Please let us know if everything turns out okay
  • Sorry it's taken a while to get back - tried a couple renders - worked fine without having to do anything - suspecting it could be from recently downloading a studio driver for the graphics card - thanks for all your help and suggestions - may need to try some of the other things you listed if there are future problems :)
  • Hopefully you don't run into anything else, but we're always happy to help!
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