new win10 custom build - can't sync time, long installs, wifi dead

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cutting out the backstory. tl;dr haven't built a custom pc in 8 years so i'm generally out of the loop. picked up my brad new custom pc build from microcenter today.
amd ryzen 7 3700x cpu
crucial 32gb ram
aorus gigabyte b550 pro motherboard
msi rtx2070
win10 64 bit

ordered by least to most egregious issue
get it all set up a friend's house because they have faster internet, and i was intending to download a ton of stuff.
first thing i notice, keyboard is listed under devices four times as if i had four of the same exact keyboard plugged in, and it malfunctions when plugged into specific usb ports. not sure if that's a keyboard thing but the usb thing and the fact it's listed under devices four different times is suspicious.
second, installations took forever. literally, 25 minutes to install firefox. not download firefox, the actual installation. that seems freakin ridiculous, i just installed firefox on my 8 year old win7 pc and it took maybe five minutes??
third, it lags. i have 32gb RAM and it... lags? there is NOTHING on this machine but the default whatever win10 crams on it and it takes several clicks to access anything. OH and, yeah, for some reason, it can't sync the internal clock. every restart would reset the time back to 9:30am on 9/3/2020 and any attempts to sync it were met with errors.
forth, and worse, the wifi is s***. like, seriously, complete irreconcilable garbage. first location in the house i set up the machine it refused to connect AT ALL. changed locations, somewhere closer to the router, and got connected. but it was extremely sluggish. i went for a speedtest, friend's home computer clocked in around 50mbs and mine? 0.05mb. literally, 5 kilobytes of internet speed. there were only 2 devices actively using wifi: my computer and theirs.
but, i thought, maybe it really is just their house. so i took it to another friend's, who has even better internet.
their speedtests on their TEN YEAR OLD MACBOOK came back at 250mbs download
mine was 50mbs
i've tried everything. it's been five goddamn hours and three houses, this is atrocious.
is this just the extent of the motherboard's capabilities?? is the absurd installation a hard drive problem?? if i lug this stupid thing back do i need to make a service & repair appointment beforehand? this machine's a grand total of five hours old and all five of those hours were spent in frustration.


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @alexcessive

    Looks like you had quite the frustrating time when working on this computer.  Let's see if we can try working around some of the issues. 

    1.)  Seeing multiple keyboards in your device manager is normal and nothing to be worried about.  As example, here is my current device manager for my keyboard and mouse; 

    It's nothing to worry about in my experience.

    2.) I'll address this with the WiFi issue as I the slow download is likely a symptom of slow WiFi

    3.) What kind of lag are you experiencing?  Is it just with Windows in general or when you start opening up browser tabs and other programs?  

    3.5.)  In regards to the time, I would like to see if a fixed internet connection corrects these errors

    4.)  So here we are dealing with the biggest issue and could be the cause for previous issues as mentioned above.  First thing first, do you have the antennas plugged into the motherboard?  There should be a thing that plugs into these prongs on the I/O of the motherboard.

    If the antenna is plugged in already, try swapping the wires.  If that doesn't work, please give this network troubleshooting guide a try.  Lastly, if that doesn't work, try using a Ethernet connection and seeing if the speed does go up.  

    Our service desk is not appointment based, but walk-in focused.  Please head to the service desk once you get inside the store and we can assist you.  If you would like to place an appointment, although not needed, you can place one here;  
  • alexcessive
    thanks for your help. the antennae works... after we found it.... embarrassingly enough. it had gotten shuffled into the video card's box from the motherboard's box.
    however, i'm still experiencing the lag. it's very brief but causes the mouse to stutter, the keyboard to skip/delay keystrokes, and programs to stall. i can't seem to find any processes particularly responsible and it seems to happen at random. whether opening a program or just clicking on start.
  • TSTonyV
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    Have you made sure to download and install all the relevant drivers for your system? You can get motherboard drivers from

    Download the latest chipset drivers from that list and see if anything changes. I would also check the power management setting. Click your start button, go to Settings > System > Power and Sleep, then look for something like "additional power settings." That should open up a new window. Make sure it's set to "balanced" (NOT the Ryzen power plan, just the normal Windows "balanced" power setting). 

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