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New Inland Premium 2TB seems slow

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Purchased a 2tb Inland Premium nvme ssd recently.  The drive is advertised as having 3900 mb/s Read and 2700 mb/s write but i'm not seeing it in my example.  Is it defective perhaps?  I split the drive into 2 1gb partitions (OS and Data) That shouldn't slow it down correct?


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
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    Read/write speeds can vary on drives and CrystalDiskMark isn't always going to push it to the maximum. This goes for any drive, but the read/write speeds that are advertised are a "best case scenario" situation. In practice even on really, really high end drives you will probably not see maximum read/write speeds because it depends on other factors as well.

    These speeds seem pretty normal to me based on figures I've seen for other drives of this type. 
  • FelicityFelicity near Tustin
    Where did you get those figures? Amazon lists 
    • Sequential Read/Write Speed up to 3200MB/s and 2900MB/s respectively
      Meaning you are a bit under spec but within reason especially if it's not a clean environment/properly set up. 

      microcenter also lists them as
    • Read Speed
      Up to 3,200MBps
      Write Speed
      Up to 2,900MBps
  • The performance figures are printed on the packaging the drive came in.

  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
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    I can't find anything suggesting different read/write speeds than what's on our website, and we have a picture of the packaging for the 2TB Inland Premium drive showing 3200MB/s. Could you take a picture of your package and post it? I'm wondering if it may be a different model that I should be looking at. 
  • Yep you are correct, i just looked again and it says "3200" not "3900" probably wasn't wearing my glasses.
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