PowerSpec B744: Fans turned solid red color from multi-color rotating - new computer

I have lost the multi-colored CoolerMaster kaleidoscope and now only have solid RED for both CPU and Chassis fans. I have not been successful in finding a software
 controller for these PWM RGB fans. This computer was purchased recently, and is an Intel i7-9700K Coffe Lake LGA 1511 ASUS Prime Z390-P motherboard.
I have no thermal issues. Please advise.

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  • Thank you, TSPhillipT (admin) for your response. I am having to add memory (64GB kit), and a 2TB hard-drive so I will physically inspect the physical controller that you have indicated via your response (graphic). I appreciate your input. I did check CoolerMaster to see what software products they provide to manipulate the PWM RGB/CPU/Chassis Fans, but found none for my fans. Upon installation of the upgrade in memory, and the addition of a Seagate 2TB 3.5inch hard-drive I will see if there are DIPS, or switches to ensure that I have all lights enabled. Upon initial boot, and several after of this new computer I had the array of colors (RGB), but it is now solid red as previously mentioned. I will update this post after I install the new hardware. Once again, I appreciated your response and information. Thank you.
  • @BCX - Nice update. Thank you for the input. Yes, CoolerMaster has a nice line of USB external DC MODE/PWM MODE RGB Software Controllers for their CPU/Chassis Fans, but I saw none for my CoolerMaster model, nor any specifics for the Motherboard prerequisites. Will update you after the RipJaws Memory Updgrade, the install of the Seagate 2TB hard-disk-drive (3.5"), and restoring my Acronis True Image 2019 DISK IMAGES from my old HP Pavilion to the PowerSpec via Universal Boot/Restore utility disks (from BIOS/MBR/VBR to GPT). We will see if this works. Once again thanks for the input.
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