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How exactly to headsets work for PC? I am familiar with the separate audio out and mic in 3.5mm jacks, but most headsets for pc come with one. Does that still work? Also, if it is a USB connection, does that circumvent the need for a dual 3.5mm cable or splitter?  Thanks :)


  • Hey @wparody depending on the headset as you mentioned will give you a couple of options to connect. The 3.5mm would plug into the headphones jack or the line out if audio on the mobo and give you your sound. The USB connection is normally just plug and play, but sometimes there could be a app for the headset that might offer further sound settings/adjustments.
     I've got both types that I use with my RIG to switch it up once in awhile so there's a set of Astro A40TR's with a mixamp using USB but can just use the Line out with 3.5mm and not use the mixamp and also a Razer Kraken that hooks up USB.
     The other option you can find also uses USB but it's going to be the dongle you plug in and allows the headset to sync to the PC and then get your audio. I've got a Logitech G933 that connect in that manor. I do know with each of those manufacturers they've got applications/software to allow for audio adjustments and in some cases maybe RGB controls.
    I hope this might help a litte
  • If you're talking about headsets that have a single 3.5mm connection for both microphone and headphone audio as opposed to two separate, you either need a system that has a dual head/microphone port, or to get a splitter like this if your PC doesn't have on: https://www.microcenter.com/product/455894/qvs-35mm-female-to-dual-35mm-male-speaker-microphone-headset-splitter-6-in---black

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