Ryzen 5 5600x

Harry ✭✭
As of today (Nov 12) i was wondering if yall have the Ryzen 5 5600x in store an if not when can i expect it tobe in store.


  • JS_MC
    Hello @Harry! Apologies for the delayed response.
    At this time, we're sold out of the Ryzen 5600X. Unfortunately, I don't have a direct estimate of when we'll be receiving inventory of these items. Typically we receive shipments throughout the week, but we've increased our shipment frequency and in some cases, we're having these processors drop shipped to the store directly from AMD. If you're looking to get one right away, I'd recommend coming to the store, as people are lining up before we open to wait in line for these processors. Otherwise, I'd recommend keeping an eye on the website. When we receive a more stable amout of inventory, our website will accurately show how much we have in stock!.
  • Bruce_Wayne
    edited November 2020
    Hi Landshark,  I'm about a hour away from the nearest microcenter.  (Tustin, CA)
    Is Microcenter actually getting Ryzen 5 5600x stock in these stores even though it shows up as out of stock online?  I don't mind the drive or waiting in line for hours to pick one up,  but i'd rather drive 2 hours just to figure out there's none really in stock.   Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you...
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