Weird stability issues: PC shuts down on USB unplug, Headset mic sounds scrambly and robotic

The PC shutdown is a thing that happens very occasionally and mostly from the front USB ports. The headset mic scramble is usually fixed by unplugging and replugging the headset.

Also, sometimes I have weird lag and frame stuttering when I play videos through the default Windows Photos app. It's not frame consistent where the stutter happens so I know it's not the recording software.

I think it's my mobo acting up but my friend also theorized it could be my CPU. I just upgraded both two summers ago so I'm very hesitant to purchase a new motherboard and CPU until I know they are the problems. Any ideas on what I could try next?


  • TS_JosephF
    Hello @Michael61801
    Before spending a good bit of money on new hardware, I would try and see if this is a software related issue or a driver issue. Have you tried installing/updating all of the drivers for your motherboard? For the shutdown issue, does this happen with different USB devices or a certain device?  The headset issue you are having could be resolved by reinstalling the Audio driver for your board. 
    With the lag and frame stuttering, does it only happen on the Windows photo app? If you use something like VLC, does the video play fine on that? That could definitely be a software issue. 
    Although it is possible this is a hardware issue, I would not look into replacing them just yet. You can also see if it is a Windows issue by performing a clean boot and running an SFC scan. All of this will help isolate the cause of the issue.

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