Any advice to buy external monitors for my Apple MacBook Pro 13 for a broke med school student?

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Need to purchase two external monitors compatible with my Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2017) for a med school student. Any recommendations under $150?

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  • JazzDMV
    Here are 2 monitors found on MicroCenter's site. Does anyone know if they are compatible with the Apple MacBook Pro 13?
    Acer, $130, CB242Y 23.8" 1920 x 1080 75Hz HDMI VGA FreeSync IPS LED Monitor
    Dell, $120, SE2417HGX 23.6" Full HD 75Hz HDMI VGA FreeSync LED Monitor
  • JazzDMV
    Thanks for the response.  A few more questions. 1.) In order to set up 2 external monitors, should I purchase 2 of the adapters? 2.) Is a retina display recommended? 3.) Is a certain pixel density recommended? 4.) If yes about retina and pixel density, it doesn't appear the 2 monitors (Acer and LG) have those features. 

  • JS_MC
    If you're looking to add two displays to your laptop, it will need two display adapters, yes. Whether a Retina display is recommended or not would depend on how you intend to use the display and whether you would require one or not. A Retina display is an Apple branding term that essentially means, high resolution, specifically a high DPI.
    Typically, the higher the resolution the higher the cost, because it costs more to create and there is some different tech implemented.
    Both of the monitors you've selected will work with the display adapted mentioned above. However, I don't believe it's possible to find a higher resolution monitor in the price range that you're searching.
    I hope this info helps!
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