How accurate is website?

I've driven to Tustin store twice now (~45 mins) when website shows a GPU I want is in stock, in the afternoon however each time I get there I'm told it is not in stock. I read through the questions here and it would seem like they sell out when the store opens in the morning, if so why does the website show them in stock at say 4:00 PM? I would like to call to verify before I drive 45 minutes again but it seems the phone number has been removed from website or I'm blind. How can I verify stock before I drive to Tustin?


  • JS_MC
    Hello @rstewart and Welcome to the community!
    At this time, GPU stock is fairly inaccurate, since we're still having customers line up outside the store waiting for the store to open to purchase GPUs and CPUs that we may have received in the morning shipment. We are using vouchers in some cases to allow customers to have some time to shop around the store after they have had a chance to get their card.
    Calling our store does ring through to our national call center in our corporate office, and we're able to see the same information that you would. So, due to the very volatile state of how quickly these cards are moving, I'd have to recommend you either wait until we start to receive a more substantial amount of GPUs in stock, or you come directly to the store.
    Thanks for inquiring with us.
    We also have a community thread with more information about the 3000 Series
    I hope this helps!
  • Jbc029
    Short answer: it isn't and you shouldn't trust it. The website is there to remind folks they have physical stores, not sell actual product.

    If you aren't within convenient driving distance to line up outside the store at open, don't go. You won't get a card for the next 3-4 months at least.  And since they don't actually allow you to verify stock at any store, you'll frequently waste hours of driving on cards that were never actually available in the first place.
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