Fancy Laptops or Big Desktops?

The recent release of MSI's Leopard series got me thinkin - My first decent computer was an old Asus G Series laptop. Since then I've built my own desktop, but I do yearn to sit on my couch to game sometimes.
So, is a big, RGB fueled desktop really the end-all-be-all, or can you get by with a decent gaming laptop? 


  • Obviously you can't customize gaming laptop's as much, and streaming is pretty much a non-starter while lounging on your couch, but man, there is something nice to lean back with your legs up while you play.
  • BradleyJones
    I say both but if I have to choose I'd go with laptop.  I have a decent set up so performance isn't an issue. When I'm home I connect it to my monitor. I game away from my home office a few times a week so portability is key.  
  • Ian
    For gaming, desktop all the way for me

  • Cosmic
    Computers to me have always been something that belongs in your own room at home. If your invested and want to have the best experience I think a desktop is simply the way to go. Laptops especially gaming ones feel forced and just generally not as fun to use 
  • TSPhillipT
    I am pretty anti gaming laptop.  I think the small form factor and knowing that you are limiting your full performance because of it gets at me.  Especially with the higher temps and louder performance, seems like whatever.  I am a bigger fan of just having a gaming desktop and a daily driver laptop.  My current HP Spectre is great, works for my daily use and light games when needed for party games and my desktop for when I really want to game.  
  • Paul_2
    Paul_2 ✭✭
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    edited February 2021
    Desktops all the way.
    From a monetary standpoint, I feel that laptops limit the upgrade potential to essentially having to do it all at once.  Where as in a desktop, if I get a new storage drive, there is still usually room for the previous one as well, or with the price of graphics cards right now for example, I can upgrade the motherboard and CPU, but keep my previous ram and graphics cards, etc ....
    From a DIY standpoint (technical, or aesthetic), I don't get that sense of satisfaction from buying a laptop that I get after building or upgrading my tower.
    And of course, the actual performance aspect ...
    I sort of have the best of both.  In my home office, I have my desk chair facing my computer desk with 3 monitors, but I have a couch to my right and a big screen (hooked up to the desktop) to my left.  I can just move the chair back, and sit on the couch with my PS4 controller (hooked up to the desktop) and game on the big screen, console style.

  • termin

    Depends, just portability or home working. Of course desktop right now.

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