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San Diego Making My First Build

Greetings everyone! I'm from San Diego and I'm currently working on completing my first build. The last thing I need is that elusive GPU. I'm excited to be a part of this community.


  • IanIan admin
    Hello and welcome. Sadly video cards are quite hard to find in general currently. Hopefully things change soon! 
  • Paul_2Paul_2
    edited February 1
    You can still get quite capable graphics cards that are at the lower end of the tier, it's the higher end stuff that is being driven up by crypto currency mining.  If the recent "irrational exuberance" that is affecting various stocks like GameStop and Doge coin is any indication, they're not going to come down in price/availability for awhile yet (until the FED raises interest rates).
    If you look at the Radeon 5700 (pcie 4, and can run at pcie 3) or the slightly older (and a little cheaper) Radeon 580 (pcie 3), you'll find some quite capable cards with a little more availability and price stability.
    If you're building a current AMD Ryzen system, I would suggest the PCIe4 card, but if you're building a current Intel system, it'll be at PCIe3, so either would work well.
    Good luck!
  • ( From San Diego) I decided to have Micro Center Build my Lilian Li gaming machine ( In stead of buying another Dell computer) and after 4 weeks the computer stop working. I brought the computer back to Micro Center to see if they could fix the issue or tell me to buy new parts. The question is.... how long will they keep the computer before I hear anything. 6 days and no text messages about my computer. Any long time customers with suggestions? I'm willing to buy new parts so I can get my computer back.!!!!

  • Hi @Scripps I've replied to your other post about this, but just in case you don't see that. I've emailed you regarding this concern. Please check your inbox!


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