PSU static/buzzing sound

Pkirk618 ✭✭
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I have a G467 purchased in November.

My psu is is making a static or similar sounding buzz sound. What caught my attention initially an interference type sound reminiscent of cell phone interference through ones speaker. Upon closer look, with my ear right next to the PSU, I could hear this sound below.

The youtube video isn't my setup however the sounds are the same. I believe it's a powerspec 750 bronze unit.

Here's the deal, I'm a disabled veteran and hauling the computer into the store to diagnose what appears to be the PSU is a real problem for me. I can however easily take the PSU out and bring it in. I have a protection plan plus 1 year added on. It's less than 3 months old as it is. If this is normal, I can live with it if it doesn't get worse. Thanks for any input.


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