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Hi. Let me start with, I'm not that technical savvy.

I have been working with a dual monitor setup and someone recently turned me on to the 49 inch Ultra Wide Monitors. My COVID related home setup is actually two (2) Vizio TV's which work fine. I am looking for the best value monitor for working pretty much exclusively, not gaming. It appears the Dell Ultra Sharp and the Samsung Odyssey are two of the best options, however also the most expensive.

I'm at a point of impatience, so am looking to get something in place like today. I can get the Dell Ultra Sharp through my companies account for a very reasonable cost, however have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for arrival.

One Micro Center has an open box deal on a Dell Ultra Sharp while the closer Micro Center has other models in stock that I think would be less costly and still give me the desired result. Like the AOC AG493UCX or the ASUS XG49VQ . I don't think I want to settle for a 43 inch curved monitor, however I am a bit intrigued by the price of the 43 In non-curved LED Monitors such as the Acer DM431K. at less than half the price of some of these others I have been curious if it is any good.

Is the Open Box Model of the Dell Ultra Sharp worth the extra $100 - $300, plus an additional 1.50 hours in the car?

The one thing I have figured out is ideally the monitor will have good software built in for managing the screens with multiple program windows open... and not many monitors do. There is also the case of the KVM switch which is not a critical component for me, however would be nice, just in case, if it happened to have one. but it is not a determining factor.

I will be hooking the monitor up to my laptop: HP Spectre X360, if that is relevant.

Thank you in advance for your help


  • JS_MC

    Hello @CClark63 Welcome to the community!

    I was able to find a 49" a bit cheaper than the two you mentioned.

    The ASUS XG49VQ will offer you the 49" display you're looking for as well as the software paired with it to allow for easy multiscreen use. It offers a 3840 x 1080 resolution

    Whether or not this is worth the 1.5 hour trip in your car is something only you can decide. However, if you do decide to make the trip I would strongly recommend that you reserve the item before heading to the store. I'd make sure that you wait until you receive the email confirming that your reservation has been set aside for you!

    This monitor also allows you to split the monitor in half with two different inputs.

    If you're looking for a higher resolution option, the AOC AG493UCX does offer a 5120 x 1440 resolution.

    Here's our full selection of ultrawide monitors.

    If you have any other questions, please do let me know! I'd be happy to help!

  • CClark63

    Thank You so much for the quick reply @LandShark

    I recall reading somewhere that the higher resolution would be better, especially when using it for "work" such as excel worksheets. does that sound correct?

    Do you have any first hand knowledge of working with any of these or other 49 inch monitors?

    To confirm, you agree that these will work (essentially) just as well as the Dell UltraSharp monitor? For Open Box Models, do they still operate the same, I imagine yes. In your opinion... if the higher resolution will make a difference which would lead me towards the AOC AG493UCX, is there a good enough value in going to the Dell U4919DW Ultrasharp for $106.00 more?

    Sorry for the back and forth... I'm just torn between the $800 model versus $1,000 versus $1,300 "on sale" for $1,100 due to open box condition. Again if the resolution will make a noticeable (not even significant) difference, then i think i should bit e the bullet and at least look at the higher end.

  • JS_MC

    Yeah, typically with larger monitors like these ultrawide monitors, a higher resolution allows for more pixels and higher quality screen space. However, it does come at a cost here. More pixels = more money. That being said, 24.5" 1080 monitors are still great quality and I wouldn't have a problem recommending them. Essentially these 49" monitors are two 24.5" monitors without a bezel in the middle.

    You will see a noticeable improvement in clarity when you move from 1080p to 1440p.

    Yes, these would work much in the same way that the Dell monitor would. I'm not as familiar with the AOC monitor, and it may not have the software features that the ASUS does but Windows 10 does allow you to snap individual windows to specific sides of the screen natively.

    I believe you're referring to the Dell U4919DW Open box in our Rockville store. If so, it looks like that is labeled as INCOMPLETE: DISPLAY UNIT, meaning that it was on display for a time in our store. It would only come with the power cable and the monitor. Since it was a display unit, you would be able to review it before purchase.

    I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, $1000 monitor is a fair investment. So I totally understand wanting to be sure about something before you make that purchase.

  • CClark63

    Thank You @LandShark .

    I may regret no spending the extra money, for the Dell, but I am going to get the AOC Monitor. I'm hopeful that if its not what I expect it can be returned. is that correct?

  • JS_MC
    JS_MC admin
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    You're quite welcome!

    I can't imagine you'll have buyer's remorse here, AOC monitor does have a 4-year manufacturer warranty with it. Most monitors only come with a 3-year warranty. To me, this says that AOC believes their products will last! I can't imagine you'll regret your purchase!

    If, for some reason you do wish to return your new monitor or If you're unhappy with the AOC you're welcome to return it.

    Monitors do have a 30 day return period.

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